Halogy tags itself as the "friendly" and "free" hosted web content management system, and tries to make things simple enough for very rapid site creation.

Another Simple Web CMS

By using templates, existing ASP.Net sites and pre-built features, Halogy claims to let an inexperienced user create a site and Web CMS quickly. Now in public beta, anyone can sign up and give it a spin.

Extra features such as a store, forum, wiki and more can be purchased through the company's shop or you can get developers to spin their magic in AJAX and RSS for your own custom features. So, its not idiot-proof friendly or entirely free.

However, behind the PR fluff, there is a competent CMS and hosted website builder. What you do get for free is the CMS, hosting, blog module, access for multiple users and custom templates.

Signing up sees users presented with a quick form to enter your site and set up details. They then enter content directly into the site using the basic supplied templates. In fact, CMS-buffs will find it all looks rather like PageLime.


Access different sections of your site from one page

A Community Approach to Development

Based on the CodeIgniter Framework, Halogy goes for the community approach and many of its new features appear to have been developed by those in the fraternity.

Additional features include integration with common social sites like Facebook, allowing your site to tie in to social content. 

A Free eCommerce Trial to Boot

For the rest of August and September, a free trial of the E-Commerce Shop is available for users. Halogy is also after some users to come up with new theme designs -- check out the site's blog for details.

With new features being added all the time, if you want to get in on the ground floor of what could be an up and coming simple Web CMS, then Halogy could be a good place to start.

The community and small but growing forum will help out, while the Halogy Plus account benefits from 24/7 email support.