Simple Hosted Web Content Management with PageLime
There are a few simple web content management systems available today. Cushy CMS, Clover and Surreal are three super simple systems that come to mind when we look at PageLime.

PageLime is a hosted web content management solution that let's you very easily add content management to your website without making a lot changes. Just give them FTP access to your site, mark up your pages with some CSS classes and you are off to the races.

Add Content Management Quickly

You may have built your website thinking you didn't need -- or want -- content management. But, like most, you have found that the need to keep updating your content to keep it fresh and relevant is becoming a bit of a pain in the you know what.

Enter PageLime. There are a couple of ways to use PageLime to manage your content. The easiest is by giving them FTP access to your website. They connect up and then you are ready to start marking sections for content management.


PageLime Manage Site

There are a number of different functions you can use with PageLime and you don't have to enable them all. You can edit your site pages, manage images, documents and templates, and work with your site map.

Selecting Edit Site opens your website in the PageLime editor. From there you can move through your website and select a page you want to add content management to. View the source of that page and add a CSS class to any area in the page you want to edit.


PageLime Make Page Editable

Upload the changed page back your FTP site and you can now start editing that page by clicking on a bubble:


PageLime Edit Page

The editor opens (if the selected area is text-based) and you are on your way.


PageLime Editor

Simple content management at your finger tips.

PageLime Features at a Glance

So you get the basic understanding of how it works, let's take a quick look at the features of this Web CMS:

  • Manage Multiple Websites: Manage all your websites through a single interface
  • Manage Site Structure: Browse your site structure and create new directories and pages for your website within the PageLime interface
  • In Place-Editing: Navigate though your website, find the page you want to edit and starting editing
  • Templates: Create templates to build pages with, create a template from an existing page
  • SEO: Manage metadata and descriptions for your pages
  • Image Library: Manage images for your website and make use of a zoom and crop tool to select sections of an image to use
  • Document Library: Upload and manage documents to be used within your website

Add to this a history of your changes, the ability to set a folder or page collection for an RSS feed and manage editing permissions and you have yourself all the basics for content management without the expense of hosting and maintaining it yourself.

PageLime also intends to offer some professional features that will not be available with a basic account. The first professional feature in the works is support for the iPhone.

Don't Like FTP?

PageLime does offer a developer API that will let you pull content into your website through web services. In this situation, PageLime is not updating your files but publishing an XML file that you access via their web services API.

This enables you to keep your managed content separate from your pages.

Is it Secure?

That would be the first question we would ask because PageLime is accessing your website via FTP. When you create your site account in PageLime, you create a PassKey. This key is used to encrypt the FTP information.

PageLime says that they don't store the PassKey. Instead, every time you publish a new or updated page, you are prompted for the PassKey, which they then use to decrypt the FTP information and publish your changes.

Can I Get Support?

Along with Twitter support, an official feedback forum and documentation (which is getting updated), PageLime has a community which includes a forum, a company blog and a soon to come wiki).

What's It Gonna Cost Me?

There are a few different pricing options for PageLime:

  • Free: If you don't care if your PageLime interface is branded, then you can set up an account that includes the ability to manage your first three websites for free.
  • Professional: For US$ 19/month you manage up to 50 websites, brand PageLime and host your PageLime CMS using your own domain name.
  • Business: For US$ 69/month you can manage an unlimited number of websites, brand and host PageLime and get full access to any Professional features they offer.

A Comparison with Cushy

PageLime and Cushy CMS have very similar models for how content is edited and managed. Both use FTP and add classes to sections of a page you want to edit.

PageLime offers you the ability to markup your pages for content editing within their interface. With Cushy, you do that outside the CMS before you can start to do anything.

PageLime also appears to have more functionality and a more secure approach to access the FTP server where your content is located.

Take a Closer Look

As with any decision on which simple content management system to use, think about what you want and need to do and then look at the options.

This latest release from PageLime is the culmination of 10 months of work into a 2 month timeline -- testing included. For a small to mid-sized organization with basic content management needs, PageLime deserves a much closer look and even a trial run.

And if you are wondering about the name, ask them the name of one of their founders. Then spell it backwards.