Halogy (news, site) adds extra social modules to its hosted CMS for free, a change from its previous plans to charge for them.

New Modules - Free

Since our last article on Halogy, touted as the free and friendly hosted CMS, the company has been in touch to let us know that more of its social features are available. These include a shop store, forum, wiki and events modules. In a change to its plans, they are available for free, instead of being charged for.

These new features join the CMS and blog modules as well as the hosting to provide a completely free service for those who want to get going online without having to invest in Web CMS services and hosting.

Halogy take the friendly approach to appeal to a non-technical audience. It has a plainly-written wiki that explains all the requirements, tools and features that need to be set up.

Weekly Improvements Coming

Other recent additions include a template importer tool that allows users to convert static pages into CMS-powered pages at the click of a few buttons. This can help move old sites over to a new system and make them a lot easier to edit and update. Some simpler additions include auto-save and previews.

Halogy plans an update a week to add improvements or new features. So, users can benefit from an ever improving environment for their sites to run in.

For users in need of more regular assistance, the paid-for Plus account is an option, while the company hopes to release a fully open-source edition in the future.