Hannon Hill Cascade Server 6.4 Update Hits Beta

2 minute read
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Hannon Hill's Web CMS (news, site) Cascade Server 6.4 (beta) is now available for download, offering a new framework for interacting with data from other services.

The Rapid Rise of Cascade Server

Hannon Hill is certainly getting a move on at its development lab. Not long on from its last update. Now, we have a shiny new beta packing a pair of new connectors, an element of the product's future strategy, allowing it to function with popular third-party apps, services and sites.

Cascade Server is an XML-based Web CMS aimed at mid-sized organizations and is popular with the education sector. It utilizes AJAX enabled browser-based WYSIWYG editing, file management, collaboration and compliance support. Cascade Server is priced on a per-server CPU system.

What's New in Town

First up for the new update are connectors for WordPress and Twitter allowing content from Cascade Server to be integrated with blogs and microblogs.The Twitter version lets users automatically tweet without having to manually add elements like links and hashtags.

Learning Opportunities

Also new to Cascade Server 6.4 are:

  • An edit-area syntax highlighter
  • Drag and drop content form builder
  • Content comparison between versions
  • Broadcast messages for users

Hannon Hill doesn't recommend using the beta in a production environment. It does mention that more connectors will be available soon to help get your message out into popular Web services.

So, although now is good time to starting playing, you'll want to wait until 6.4 is out on general availability before making the jump.