HardCore Internet has released v5.6 of the HardCore Web Content Management (Web CMS) system. The main focus of the new version was the addition of website metrics capabilities.The new website statistics functionality comprises more than 40 different website statistics reports. The reports enable professionals to drill-down and analyze website traffic from various perspectives through various types of reports: * Summary Reports provide a high level view of website activity. * Content Reports provide a detailed insight into what website visitors look at. * Time Analysis Reports reveal how the volume of visitors changes over time. * Visitor Reports detail who website visitors are and what each visitor is looking for. * Referral Reports provides an overview of how visitors find the website. * Popular Paths Reports display how visitors typically navigate through the website. The website statistics functionality is designed with the non-technical user in mind and is directly accessible through the menus of the web content management system. The system's existing access control scheme is used to restrict access to the statistics functionality so that only designated website administrators can analyze the performance of the website. The HardCore Web Content Management system works with most major web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows and Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix). The HardCore Web Content Management system runs on most major web platform operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix), programming languages (ASP, PHP and JSP/Java) and databases (Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL). More information: wcm.hardcoreinternet.co.uk