Web CMS and email marketing. What could be a more intuitive pairing? The question begs asking because until now, few have entertained the idea of consolidating the two. Then again, few have been better poised than JL Halsey, which cleverly acquired Web CMS provider Hot Banana and EmailLabs, a marketing email solution, last year.Hot Banana recently joined its marketing-oriented Web content management system, v5.5, with a set of email marketing software application providers, including EmailLabs. The announcement was made at ad:tech in San Francisco this week. "Hot Banana is committed to providing marketers in small-to-medium enterprises with best-of-breed Web site and eMarketing capabilities to maximize their return on marketing investment," says general manager Krista LaRiviere. Adding that the integration of Web CMS and email marketing technology creates a more streamlined marketing platform, she continues, "With Hot Banana, brand consistency and campaign data exchange can be turned into significant marketing intelligence for the next email campaign - giving marketers a true closed loop lead-generation ecosystem." With an integrated email component in Hot Banana 5.5, marketers can design HTML email content within the Web CMS interface. This ensures consistency across multiple marketing channels like email campaigns, corporate Web sites and accompanying landing pages. Hot Banana plays nicely with non-proprietary components too: marketers can export prepared HTML email files from the system into their preferred email marketing software, where campaigns can then be easily launched and managed. v5.5 also possesses cross-mapping technology. This means marketers who develop Web forms for use on Web sites can facilitate seamless exchange of information with email marketing software without having to dive into API programming. The data collected from these forms flows back to database applications like EmailLabs, or any other email marketing purveyor, where it can be easily accessed for future email-based marketing efforts. To sweeten the deal, Hot Banana 5.5 contains the following Web site optimization and marketing automation features: * Well-developed A/B testing on landing pages * Data exchange capabilities with SFA and CRM apps * Extensive Web analytics integration with a number of known vendors CEO Luis Rivera of JL Halsey, Hot Banana's parent company, says the new release "marks an important step in J.L Halsey's commitment to advancing integration among our various brands and bringing powerful tools to marketers generally." v5.5 was also touted recently for the way in which it encourages marketers to develop a closer relationship with SEO. This is all part of its ongoing campaign to position itself as a tool for marketers, not just ITs. Learn more about v5.5 at the Hot Banana Web site.