Hot Banana Software Inc., a North American Web CMS vendor, has recently enhanced its Hot Banana CMS, improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance. New features inclue the addition of a Conversion Tracking tool, robots.txt management, and improved metadata tools. "Content Management Systems that are Search Engine-friendly are critical to the development of a Web site where the owners want to achieve visibility in the organic search results," says Barbara C. Coll, CEO and President of Inc. and President and Chairperson of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) Board of Directors. "Hot Banana is one of the only SEO-friendly Web Content Management Systems that can truly optimize Web site content to positively influence the ranking with the major search engines," says Krista Lariviere, President, Hot Banana Software Inc. "The addition of a Conversion Tracking tool, Robots.txt and Meta Tag Management will help our clients control and change Web content on-the-fly, so that their site content has every opportunity of achieving excellent search engine rankings. We’ve noticed an increase in demand for SEO capabilities over the past few months and we’re striving to make Hot Banana the number one CMS in terms of Search Engine Optimization capabilities." Conversion tracking is now fully integrated into Hot Banana software and allows those services to track users as they navigate Hot Banana Web sites, improving click-through rates (CTR) and campaign ROI. Robots.txt is a file placed in Web pages that controls which portions of a Web site are found by search engines. It helps search engine robots identify Web pages to be indexed and featured in their indices, and this in turn makes the Web site content more search engine-friendly. Meta Tag Management allows Hot Banana users to control each Web page’s Meta Data keywords, descriptions and title tags, and also obtain an overall site view by managing the Meta Tags for the entire site. This includes advanced user management features such as date of last search update, cache or no cache, and copyright information. Hot Banana is also loaded with SEO-centric marketing ‘best practice’ tools, which provide a broad selection of integrated e-marketing solutions, giving complete hands-on control of Internet marketing initiatives. The package comprises a Campaign Manager, Search Engine Referral Tracking & Reporting, Search Engine Landing Pages Manager, Email Signature Tool, and Communicator Advanced. The program's analytics integration, together with Page View & Site Search Reporting, gives unprecedented CMS control of on-line marketing campaigns. Learn more.