J. Boye Conference Philly 2009:How to Make Your Intranet Work
The J. Boye Conference coming to Philadelphia May 5-7 is getting closer by the day. If you've signed up, you've already seen the wide array of educational sessions that will fill your day on topics such as web content management, web strategy and governance, building, managing and optimizing intranets, user experience and even SharePoint.

All those sessions will bring you closer to your desired website or intranet nirvana. But looking more closely, there's also a specific track focused on intranets which you don't see at most conferences. If making employees more effective sounds good to you, tuning in here is likely worth your time.

Intranets Should Not be the Ugly Stepchildren

Your public Internet presence is a critical component of your overall business strategy -- that's a given. What is equally important though is your Intranet strategy. How do you leverage this thing to bring competitive advantage and employee satisfaction?

If You Deleted Your Intranet Would Anyone Care?

A recent J.Boye blog post ought to make you sit back and think. If your intranet went away today, either by accident or by choice, would it really have an impact on your business? If you have to think about this, you're probably in trouble.

Jane McConnell, Founder, NetStrategy/JMC, is an Intranet and portal strategy specialist. As one of the key presenters at this conference she will be focusing on how to make Intranets an essential contributor towards organizational success.

McConnell will deliver a session entitled Intranets and operational excellence, How intranets can help organizations work smarter, and will be conducting a half day workshop on May 5 called A tutorial based on findings from the 2009 Global Intranet Trends Report. (See all Intranet track sessions here.)

The workshop will show you how leading organizations are successfully using their Intranets today. And it will provide you with an opportunity to discuss and review your own Intranet Strategy, as well as identify priority actions to get you started.

What Intranet Maturity Stage Are You At?

If you want to do some prep work before the workshop, consider purchasing McConnell's 2009 Global Intranet Trends Report.

The 123 page report is based on data collected between July and September of 2008 with over 226 organizations worldwide. It describes three stages of Intranet maturity and outlines 10 priority actions your organization needs to take if you want to make your Intranet a true business tool.

Additional Intranet Sessions, Experts at the Conference

McConnell isn't the only Intranet expert you'll hear from at the J. Boye event. Additional speakers include:

  • Jed Cawthorne -- Senior Business Consultant, Prescient Digital Media
  • Shive Singh -- Vice President, Social Media, Avenue A | Razorfish
  • Martin White -- Director of Intranet Focus
  • Toby Ward -- Founder and CEO, Prescient Digital Media

Other interesting sessions include information on using your Intranet as an Information and Knowledge Management solution and how to conduct an Intranet Strategy on a "Shoestring" Budget. How to leverage Social Media on your Intranet is another important topic you are likely thinking about.

Elevate the Intranet

The importance of an Intranet can not be understated. Attend this track at the J.Boye conference you will take home some solid industry experience and advice that will help you start to formalize your own Intranet Strategy.

As a reader of CMSWire, you are entitled to a 15% discount on the registration price. Just head over to the event website and enter the discount code "cmswirephilly".