With an eye toward breaking out of the application confines of the social space, a new service, Webdoc, has launched, claiming the "...most expressive way to share your passion online." The HTML5-powered set of web tools looks to target corporate marketers, with The Guardian, EMI Music,  Nikelodeon and Playboy already on board, but is available to anyone wanting to "...grab content from across the web and express themselves in a moment" using tools as easy as a tweet, but as rich as a web page.

The promise, to mix photos, audio, video, text, drawings and the rest into an instant Webdoc that supports your passion for -- well, just about anything. This toolset includes apps from the company App store, and also allows sharing and embedding on Facebook, Webdoc said. 

The Technology in Brief

The new Webdoc service is being positioned somewhere between a full-blown blog and a Tweet or Yammer status update. Stelio Tzonis, Webdoc CEO and co-founder, said: “Webdoc aims to democratize the web by enabling anyone to express themselves online in an easy, rich, interactive way. You use  Webdoc when a status update isn’t enough to tell your story, but maintaining a blog is too much hassle. We think it’s pretty magical, and will make communicating online even more fun and expressive.”

Here's a rundown of what the new Webdoc's technology offers: 

  • Fastest, easiest way to communicate more expressively on the web
  • The first App store to express yourself: offers the web as a palette for self-expression
  • Reach your audience where they are: Share and embed anywhere (including a Facebook page)
  • Inspires high levels of engagement using an HTML5 platform 

Seeing is Believing 

On the corporate side, media companies, major brands and record labels have started using the technology to enhance web engagement. Here's a sample:

  • The Guardian have been using Webdoc on its Guardian Music Tumblr
  • Nickelodeon created a Webdoc for the Facebook page of the character Fred Figglehorn
  • Playboy ran a “Pose For Playboy” campaign through Webdoc
  • Universal Music encouraged Nirvana fans to share their memories of the band on Facebook using Webdoc
  • EMI Music is using Webdoc for the UK’s first-ever national Pink Floyd treasure hunt

By way of example of the power of the new technology, Universal Music's Webdoc campaign for Nirvana generated a "rich stream of expressive replies" from concertgoers, encouraged to share past memories of the band.  Users mixed their own personal thoughts and digital sketches with video, audio and text content of Nirvana from across the web.

Adam Boult, Community Coordinator for Guardian Music, said: “Webdoc is a tremendously versatile tool, and very easy to use. We'll definitely be using it more in the future.”

Webdoc also showed its chops at the EMI-sponsored TechPitch event where the company won top honors.  Other early adopters of its technology including NME.COM, PIAS, Idolos Brazil, Annoying Orange and Jamiroquai.