The two companies have teamed up to deliver Synkron's content management capabilities via the WebSphere Portal. "This is not just a loose agreement, but a commercial and targeted partnership, where the two software solutions are "bundled" in order to offer customers tangible benefits straight away," underlines CEO of Synkron, Thomas Marschall. A Mercedes for the price of a Passat Thomas Marschall points out that, in popular terms, the partnership between IBM and Synkron means that: "medium-sized companies will be able to acquire a Mercedes for the prize of a Passat. They will get a full-blown solution, as normally seen in much larger and much more expensive systems, but at a prize they are able and willing to pay." IBM's increased focus on medium-sized and smaller companies is another factor, which sparks great expectations at Synkron. Synkron an attractive partner "Synkron's product and strong mid-market position in Northern Europe makes them a very interesting partner for IBM. But I also see further international opportiunities. Having enabled integration to IBM's technology through the development of various portlets and a web services layer, Synkron is now positioned on IBM's international partner list, which provides world-wide exposure for them." says Thomas Kovsted. About Synkron Synkron is the Danish company behind Synkron.web, one of the most advanced Web Content Management Systems currently available in Europe. Ever since 1997, it has been Synkron's mission to help companies manage on their own when setting up a presence on the Internet. To achieve this, Synkron has developed a so-called "Web content management" system, which everyone with a user-level knowledge of IT can learn to use in less than a single day. The Synkron.web content management system is currently being used by more than 600 Danish companies, as well as being exported, mainly to Germany and Switzerland.