IBM Web Content Management, known as Lotus Workplace Web Content Management (LWWCM) has been rapidly evolving. Its been just over a year since IBM acquired LWWCM from Australian CMS player Aprix. In that time period much work has been done to emphasize the Java platform (versus Notes), WebSphere Portal integration, and the success of IBM's enterprise content management products. From the IBM DevelopWorks labs, we now have an excellent conceptual overview of the LWWCM product and how it integrates with DB2 Content Manager. The article explains the solution architecture, main concepts, objects and features of LWWCM Java Edition and the advantages of using IBM DB2 Content Manager as a repository. In addition it describes the implementation of a simple "Picture collection" Web content management solution better illustrating the concepts and features of LWWCM. For those of you who are new to IBM Web CMS, it is a web-based, multi-user content authoring tool, a Web Publisher product used to create, control and publish web sites. It provides content library functions, a template management system, site management, taxonomy tools, security, workflow, multi-platform delivery and syndication services. As with most Web CMS products LWWCM enables information to be freely distributed and instantly updated across all existing destination applications, including Internet, intranet, and extranet web sites. LWWCM and DB2 Content Manager LWWCM supports several data repositories, though DB2 Content Manager (CM) is the preferred option. CM manages and federates all enterprise content such as imaging, rich media, computer output, compound docs and Web content. Any CM content can be easily published on the Web. Several advantages to using CM as the data repository include:
  • Retention management for compliance purposes
  • Versioning of external data
  • Integration with Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Ease of management of diverse content asset types
  • Robust Java API
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