IIS Launches Media Services
Internet Information Server, or IIS, is Microsoft's free web server. The latest version of IIS - IIS7 - comes with some new features and functionality. Of particular note is the new integrated media services capabilities.

IIS Media Services 3.0 is an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform. With it, you can now deliver richer websites and web experiences that include both web content and rich media. It has a number of extensions, including:

  • Smooth streaming: IIS automatically detects and adjusts the video quality of a media file accessed in a Silverlight player, based on bandwidth and CPU conditions. This includes HD quality streaming for high bandwidth users.
  • Live smooth streaming: Adaptive streaming for live events accessed via a Silverlight player.
  • Advanced Logging: Extensions to report media usage from both the real-time client and server logs. Third party analytic providers can both extend the metrics measures and access the data for reporting purposes. There is an upcoming Silverlight analytics control that will track and report data to IIS.
  • Bit Rate Throttling: Controls the rate the media is delivered across HTTP.
  • Web Playlists: Provides both developers and hosts control over how media is delivered. For example, you can control the order and playback of media content, allowing you to insert advertising that cannot be skipped. You can also control whether your content gets cached or not.

You can view an example of live streaming and learn more about these new extensions to II7. IIS Media Services 3.0 is available via the Web Platform Installer.