emagiC CMS.net version 7 is out the door
Emagine has been working hard. Following the v6 release at the beginning of this year, here is the new and shiny v7 of emagiC CMS.Net several months later. Emagine continues to build on its very attractive .NET framework, offering a WCM tool for web sites, intranets, extranets and portal sites. In addition to about twenty bug fixes -- no new release comes without them -- there are also some new features.

My Space Area

This new feature, located in the emagiC CMS.Net administration interface, gives a brief overview of the community, including: * Site info with direct links to the Task lists, Language matrix, Statistics and Cache clearing * Datapart info with a direct link to the Task lists * Message box with direct links to the Inbox and Outbox * Account info with a direct link to edit your personal administrator profile * License info

Messaging Center

Yes, you got it right. You can now send messages to other administrators of the website(s) defined in the emagiC CMS.Net administration interface, or all administrators as defined by a certain role.

E-mail Notifications

With emagiC CMS.Net's e-mail notification feature, the system can notify administrators about pending tasks and send login credentials to the system users.

Domain Shortcuts

This feature can be used in the URL to redirect to a specific emagiC CMS.Net page. A domain shortcut is always linked to a given domain. This is to turn http://www.mycompany.com/ domain and a domain shortcut News to a more user-friendly URL www.myCompany.com/News.

CAPTCHA Integration

In distinguishing between computers and humans, the idea is to prevent spammers from using web bots to automatically post form data or to submit feedback comments and guestbook entries containing spam messages. The text in the CAPTCHA image is usually distorted to prevent the use of OCR (optical character reader) software to defeat spammers.

User Management

Several additional features were added to the existing user management functionality: mass import/export of users and e-mail notifications (see above).

XData/XForms Module

The XData and XForms modules have been extended with additional features: * The XForms/XData selection control now can be configured to not only display a list of items but also a list of subcategories of the chosen categories. * XForms/XData items now can be copied and pasted into another category. * SEARCH functionality within XData items and categories -- simplified search and full text search. * SEARCH functionality within XForms items and categories -- simplified search.


This newest version comes with new pricing, effective September 1, 2008. As always, the inquisitive minds can find more information on emagiC CMS.Net online forum.