emagic cms v6.0 released
As you may recall, we gave you a sneak peak of the anticipated January release of emagiC CMS.Net back in 2007. CMS.Net is a .NET based Web Content Management system used to build websites, intranets, extranets and portal sites. Well, it's finally here! Like any new version, the release comes with bug fixes and updates to style sheets and dataparts. In this new release users will benefit from new features such as the following: * Quicker page caching * Multi-lingual structured data using the XData application * RSS feeds * Extended search features (including fast retrieval of dataparts, documents, images and users) emagiC CMS.Net boasts it's framework, built on v2.0 of the Microsoft's .NET Framework, as its main attraction. Such a technology choice, they claim, results in a next-generation web development environment that enables developers to build powerful web applications faster than ever before. It contains a fully-documented API and is written completely in .NET code, which makes it conducive to both small and larger operations. Conveniently, emagiC's CMS is not limited to public websites. It has extensive extranet functionalities that can be linked with Active Directory, making it a viable option for extranets and portal projects. In addition, the fully object-oriented architecture means that any .NET 2.0 application can be integrated with the content management system. This enables third party applications to benefit from emagiC's web development environment. Take a gander for yourself and learn more about all the bells and whistles, featured in their 6.0 release as well as pricing options.