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  • emagiC Web CMS v9 Features New WYSIWYG Editor

    Just about six month's after the last release, emagiC CMS.Net (news, site ) hits with a new and improved version that is now pretty much browser-independent and offers full WYSIWYG editing.

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  • emagiC CMS.Net v8.0 Has Arrived

    After perhaps working more diligently than ever before, Emagine follows up on their August 2008 release with the spankin’ new emagiC CMS.Net v8.0. The new version of their content management system includes, as usual, a ton of new features.

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  • It Has Arrived: New emagiC CMS.Net

    Emagine has been working hard. Following the v6 release at the beginning of this year, here is the new and shiny v7 of emagiC CMS.Net several months later. Emagine continues to build on its very attractive .NET framework, offering a WCM tool for web sites, intranets, extranets and portal sites.

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  • emagiC CMS.Net Releases v6.0

    As you may recall, we gave you a sneak peak of the anticipated January release of emagiC CMS.Net back in 2007. CMS.Net is a .NET based Web Content Management system used to build websites, intranets, extranets and portal sites.

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  • Sneak Peek: emagiC CMS.NET

    A new version of emagiC CMS.NET is in the works and is slated for a January 2008 release. Highlights of the new release include faster and smarter page caching, new XData capabilities for multilingual support, easier RSS feed integration and event architecture improvements. emagiC CMS.NET is .

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