emagic CMS.Net v8.0 released

After perhaps working more diligently than ever before, Emagine follows up on their August 2008 release with the spankin’ new emagiC CMS.Net v8.0.

The new version of their content management system includes, as usual, a ton of new features. This time around, functionality flirts with the likes of Google, language, and document and image capabilities, among others.

A Closer Look

Last time we reviewed emagiC it was the My Space Area and Messaging Center that tickled our fancy. This time, by far the coolest update is the Google Maps module.

With the new GoogleMap module, you can embed Google maps complete with markers in your web pages. The map and markers are both customizable through several properties (set by code or through the emagiC CMS.Net administration interface).

Other new features include:

Last Modified Datetime

The LastModified control renders the last modified datetime of a page or a datapart. The control can be included in page skins and/or module skins.

Language Rights

For each role, you can define the allowed languages accessible from within the wysiwyg editor.

Documents and Images

  • For each role (documents, images and image folders), you can define detailed administration rights to prevent pesky and unauthorized access.
  • The maximum number of documents and images allowed in a folder can be set through a parameter in the web.config file.
  • Images can be uploaded from within the Image Gallery (accessible through the wywiwyg editor).
  • For each role, you can define the allowed languages accessible from within the wysiwyg editor.
  • Also notable, the “overwrite” option has been removed when it comes to adding or modifying documents.

XData Module/XForms Module

Yes, these babies have been extended yet again. Default languages can now be set in the definition file. If no data for a given language is available, the different XData module controls can display the data in the default language. Additionally, the XDataSelection control can be used to display given information when the selection yields no results, a referenceIdproperty has been added to both modules as well as the ability to maintain an XD_Condition control

Miscellaneous Updates

Sometimes the most interesting of the updates are the ones that don’t fit into any specific category. In this case, we’re particularly fond of the ability to change the width of the wysiwyg editor to fit the actual width of the datapart on the website. This means you can see how it will actually look. Also, extranet users can be enabled/disabled, preview images can be uploaded for pageskins, contentskins, containers and stylesheets, and you can define the order in which the stylesheets are added to a page.

Stay In The Loop

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