emagiC Web CMS v9 Features New WYSIWYG Editor
Just about six month's after the last release, emagiC CMS.Net (news, site) hits with a new and improved version that is now pretty much browser-independent and offers full WYSIWYG editing.

A Kind of emagiC?

By the time you get to version eight of a product, you'd hope it would be pretty well settled. However, in the Web space, evolution is a constant and emagiC CMS.Net adds a raft of new features to its ninth iteration.

Belgian developers Emagine have bolted on several new features, several employing existing third-party components and upgraded existing ones to add value to the package.

Among the new features are the WYSIWYG interface, a little late to the party perhaps, but nonetheless a welcome addition. Based on FCKEditor, the product still maintains its previous editor for compatibility purposes and for those that like doing things the old-fashioned way.

Improving File and Search Management

File and image management have also been improved with a new tool to speed up moving, copying and deleting documents around drives or servers. While a new treeview architecture (utilizing FlyTreeView) feature offers improved loading times and better memory usage of the component parts: the site map, data and management.

Search has also been tweaked. Settings can now be tweaked in the search connector to help reduce duplicate results and add independence to queries, while the results are now displayed in separate frames. A search button has been added to the toolbar to help get back to search results that have been navigated away from.

Other background changes and improvements include unlimited login time for admins to prevent automatic timeouts and improvements in the flexibility of the Form Generator including pixel-level box sizing and code-handling tweaks.

Want to Learn More

Pricing is based on the number of pages created and starts at €1,800 (US$ 2,558) with a large range of upgrades, options and extras available from the a la carte menu. A full working demo is available from the site upon free registration with a 200-page limit.