emagic web cms
A new version of emagiC CMS.NET is in the works and is slated for a January 2008 release. Highlights of the new release include faster and smarter page caching, new XData capabilities for multilingual support, easier RSS feed integration and event architecture improvements. emagiC CMS.NET is .NET-based and runs off an all-Microsoft stack of IIS, Windows Server and SQL Server. After all that it then has the cheek to request XP/Vista and Internet Explorer for the administration interface!But it does have competitive features. The Europeans currently seem to be more aware of the challenges of global content than American, and likely Asian, CMS developers. Based in Belgium, emagiC puts an obvious emphasis on multilingual content management. Managing multiple sites in multiple languages is a key feature of CMS.NET which also supports multilingual editing. Key to this functionality is the new XML-based XData module which is dedicated to managing and displaying multilingual, structured data. Apart from that, this CMS.NET Web CMS is, as you might expect, duty-bound to hook seamlessly into your existing Microsoft architecture. You can look forward to extensive interoperability with Microsoft products - there's an MS Office connector and a Sharepoint connector. With the whole thing built specifically to run off XP/Vista and IE, you can expect bugs and installation gremlins to be kept to a minimum. In addition you get a modular, extensible framework, SSL, versioning, AJAX enabled UI, training if needed and various levels of support depending on how much you want to shell out. And a whole lot more. All will be revealed in time... Prices for 5.0 range (at the time of press) from €1600 to €6000 for the basic framework, with additional modules like xml feed, extranet security and so on costing extra. Expect the same kind of price framework for 6.0. Interested in a Web CMS that is .NET and Microsoft through and through? Get on your bike to emagiC!