UK-based Jadu Inc. announced the availability of its Weejot mobile app publishing service that simplifies the app creation process for web content, with the promise to make it “…easy for non-technical managers and marketers to create and deploy apps to mobile devices,” according to Jadu CEO Suraj Kika.

Jadu believes it’s not enough these days to provide mobile access to a company website.  “This isn't just a presentation of your full website on a mobile," says Suraj. "This is a new, better way of deploying apps using the mobile web, which are task-focused.” The cloud-based software-as-a-service network (SaaS) combines support for HTML5 and CSS3 standards that cover the bases including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

To get there, Weejot provides tools to create and deploy apps inside the Weejot "AppStudio."  The apps have access to data from a variety of sources including: 

  • back-office systems
  • social networks and content management systems
  • supports embedding data such as maps
  • can share and distribute apps over the web

AppTemplates can also be developed using the Weejot Software Development Kit (SDK) and connect to back office systems, the company said.  And for groups already based on Jadu products, there’s an “out-of-the-box” AppTeplates solution.    

Phase 2

But the company won’t stop there. It also announced the Weejot service will be integrated “…with many popular open source publishing systems such as Drupal and WordPress, as well as social networks like Twitter and Facebook.”  This creates a “…unique task-orientated 'portal' mobile experience. Users can sign up to the service and deploy a mobile web application with customized apps and icons within minutes,” the company said.  

Back in June 2011, Jadu announced  its Web CMS marketplace app store.  The next logical step for the company is to make mobile app creation for its users both easy and accessible. 

Adds to the Suite of Products 

Jadu sees its move into the mobile web space as complementing the company's suite of enterprise web experience and content management products, including Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP (online forms) and Rupa Portal.  

Jadu said its Mobile platform technology will first be deployed to existing Jadu customers, with the Weejot service and support for other content systems and networks due by Q1 2012.  The company is also opening the door to early registration, allowing companies (and personal account users) to secure user names with registration on a first-come-first-serve basis. Finally, Jadu will have the Mobile offering on hand at the EDUCAUSE Conference in Philadelphia on October 18.  

The heart of a CMS system is to pinpoint critical data and deliver it to users, post-haste, and to get there on a mobile platform, you need an app.  With its new mobile app publishing service, Jadu is helping its customers deliver the goods.