Jahia (news, site) adds the latest must-have buzzwords to its all-in-one web content, document management and portal system.

Ticking all the Boxes

Since the release of the Apache Jackrabbit-based Jahia 6, back in 2009, the "minimum requirements" for a Web CMS have moved. Now, Jahia catches up with the pack by offering some important additions in V6.1 of its Enterprise Edition.

Users of Jahia's Community Edition have been developing, testing and playing with these features since around last Fall, which highlights the effort required to get them all stable and ready for enterprise users.

Upping the Search Stakes

First up is an extension of its search features, powered by Lucene, to speed up and improve the accuracy of results and to include semantic search. A search can be better defined by the user, the system can quickly offer alternate or correctly spelled terms if it sees a problem. Also, searches can now be carried out within a specific site, range of documents or federated location.

The sum of those small but significant improvements should boost results speed by reducing wasted search time, and accuracy to improve the user experience and provide better results.

New semantic ways to search have also been added; users can view tag clouds to find common terms, follow breadcrumb trails across documents.

Everyone Wants to be Social

New features for the social aspects of Jahia include modules that help improve the creation of user-generated content. Users can build their own blogs with a direct-entry blogging module that forgoes the need for a separate editing mode. Users can also now rate content to help push higher quality material on a site to the fore.


Newsletters and blogs can now be created from within Jahia

Another addition is the newsletter module that rises above a mere blog to help create professional looking news content for a company, customers or potential clients. Further additions include a form builder to help encourage feedback or data collection from users, forms can be created by non-technical users to encourage the expansion of essential feedback.


Form creation can be done by any user for improved feedback

Optimize With SEO

With updates to the SEO engine, including SEO-friendly links, the ability to create vanity links plus a link checker to ensure site integrity, all of which should all add up to a more findable site. With all these enhancements, Jahia 6.1 becomes increasingly desirable for those looking to create more interactive and both user and customer-friendly sites.

Version 6.1 is available as a free upgrade and is out for download now. If you're quick, and in the area, you can catch Jahia showing at the InternetWorld show in Munich, today. Or, there are Webinars taking place in May. Otherwise, you can grab a 60-day trial from the company site.