Jentla, a provider of Web CMS solutions built on the open source web content management system, Joomla, has come up with a new tool for supporting business processes. It's called Jentla Action and here's our look at it.

Jentla Technologies

Jentla is probably best known for Jentla N multi-site extensions for Joomla. These are extensions that enable large amounts of Joomla sites to be administrated through a master system and central database. But that's not all Jentla offers. In addition, it has Jentla E a GPL ecommerce suite and there's Jentla V, for video management.

The latest solution to add to the list is Jentla Action, a tool that helps you quickly build forms and applications.

Jentla Action: Form Builder

According to Jentla, you build one form that serves both the end user, the editor and the administrator. And you build it in a code-less environment. Jentla Action separates the definition of the form fields, from the design so that you can bring in different groups with the right capabilities.


Jentla Action Process

Jentla Action Supports Multi-site Deployments

There are a number of nice features in Jentla Action. One is the ability to create a single form that will display certain fields for say a public website, and then include additional fields for display on the intranet.

You can also import and export fields via CSV and create just about any type of field you can think of. In addition, all fields are searchable and any security set on those fields is adhered to.

Forms are also included in the same publishing workflow as other content, so you aren't required to build and manage a separate publishing process for your forms and applications.

Jentla Action can be used by both power business users and developers. You  can check out how Jentla compares Jentla Action against Microsoft Infopath and Drupal CCK.