Kentico Software Announces Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Windows Live ID Support
Kentico Software, a Web CMS vendor, announced at Microsoft Professional Developer Conference 2008 (PDC2008) that they have integrated Silverlight 2.0 and Windows Live ID support into Kentico CMS. Kentico CMS, a Web CMS developed for ASP.NET, now enables Web site developers to easily integrate Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 content into their sites, which ultimately results in more interactive Web sites. Granted, Silverlight lacks the adoption rate to have that much of an impact, but its support is likely very welcomed amongst developers who utilize this technology. Also new for Kentico CMS is the support for Windows Live ID user authentication -- Visitors to Kentico CMS-based Web sites can sign in with an existing Windows Live ID account, without requiring to create a new account. While Silverlight 2.0 lacks adoption, plenty of users likely have Windows Live IDs, and this might end up being far more useful to the Kentico CMS, at least in a short-term outlook. The Kentico team is currently showing off both technologies integrated into Kentico CMS at PDC2008. Visit Kentico's Web site for more information about their products and services.