Kentico Offers Free Connector for SharePoint
Ah, we knew it wouldn't be long until we heard about another new SharePoint connector. This latest one comes from Kentico (news, site) and is called the Kentico CMS Connector for SharePoint. What's different about this one? It's free.

Connecting SharePoint to Kentico

Kentico is no stranger to offering things for free. Around this time last year, they offered up a free version of their ASP.NET web content management system.

In this case, the Kentico CMS Connector for SharePoint enables you to create and manage content on your SharePoint based Intranet and publish it to your Kentico-based public facing website.


Kentico CMS Connector for SharePoint

The connector accesses SharePoint Web Services to pull lists, document libraries, files or pictures from SharePoint to display on a Kentico-based website. The content displayed on the public website is based on workflow approvals within SharePoint.

This is similar to how the GOSS iCM Connector for SharePoint works, except it doesn't appear that a copy of the content is pushed to Kentico. This one appears to be a pull only.

This SharePoint connector works for both Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0 and is available for all editions of Kentico 4.0, including the free edition, and Kentico CMS 4.1 (coming soon).

It's a little surprising we haven't seen Kentico put out a SharePoint connector sooner, considering they are a Microsoft-based Web CMS.

If you use Kentico or are interested in learning more about the web content management system and how the connector works, register for your free SharePoint connector.

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