Kentico (news, site) aims to please heavyweight site builders with the latest updates in version 5.0 of its ASP.NET CMS.

Hitting the Big Numbers

Kentico says that the latest version of its Web CMS can support some big numbers to entice those enterprises who have weighty systems and much web content to throw around. Capable of managing 100,000 pages and a million site members, there is little the latest version can't handle in terms of size.

To handle such higher numbers, features such as SQL replication have been added to allow databases to be stored across multiple servers. Bulk operations can also now be handled from the CMS Desk, allowing large numbers of files or documents to be moved quickly. CMS Desk also features a new web parts selector that allows admins to add new features to the site quickly.


Add new web parts to company pages from a huge choice

Web parts can be added to user pages as well, allowing for custom home pages for each individual, helping them get the right information to their screens. There are a massive range to choose from forms to events and forums, Google services and many others.

New users can install version 5.0 now, upgraders will have to wait a week or two while the upgrade path is tested properly. As usual, there's a trial version to download and an online demo in the Virtual Lab to try if you want to experiment.

Building It Out

Additional new features include Active Directory import, administrator power to enable and disable menus and dialogs to speed up and simplify the user-end interface. The whole package has also had a bit of a redesign and can be skinned to match your company style.

For those running stores, Kentico now offers the ability to instantly make something a featured product that will appear at the front of the store, while products can also be added to multiple categories to widen their coverage on a site.

With big-name clients around the world including Microsoft, McDonalds, EPSN and many others, the new features will broaden Kentico's appeal to those potential customers with the largest databases and websites. Kentico is available in a range of price levels starting at US$ 1,999 for a single site.