Loopfuse and Acquia Bring Marketing Automation to Drupal

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Acquia, Drupal, Carbon Release
Loopfuse and Acquia have announced the availability of the Loopfuse Integration module for Drupal. The module links Drupal installations to the commercial Loopfuse OneView automated marketing product. The module, funded by Acquia and Loopfuse, was developed to connect the Acquia website to OneView, and has been donated to the Drupal community and is available to download at Drupal.org (link below.)Loopfuse OneView is aimed at small to medium-size organizations, offering an 'all-in-one' online marketing and sales solution. Oneview is a 'full-featured marketing automation suite', incorporating marketing campaign implementation and tracking, generating and tracking leads from a Website, full analytics support, and CRM integration with 'most major vendors'.We think this is a pretty good example of the Drupal project benefitting from Acquia's forays into the commercial realm. Drupal lacks quality enterprise integration modules, and the Loopfuse integration will likely spark other commercial marketing, CRM, and analytics providers to sponsor similar modules. Or at least make Drupal appear on the radar of such firms. The move also adds to Drupal's viability as a commercial, enterprise-level Web CMS or Social Publishing option.Acquia is building commercially supported distros of Drupal, and is aiming to launch the first one, 'Carbon', in the next couple of months. OSS proponents across the content management industry and elsewhere are waiting with bated breath to see how Carbon goes down with the corporations. You can get the Drupal Loopfuse module here . Check out the full range of LoopFuse OneView features here (don't miss the link to video demos at the bottom of the page.) And here's the Acquia homepage.