Macromedia Founder to Keynote J Boye Arhus
Janus Boye, the managing director of the J. Boye Conference for Online Professionals, makes a valuable point: "It's cheaper to share knowledge than to buy it!"

Oh so very right he is. At this year's conference in Aarhus, you can catch Marc Canter, founder of Macromedia, as he presents "How To Build a Digital City" during the conference's keynote. The presentation will cover how to develop a software infrastructure without being locked into proprietary solutions. Additionally, speaker BJ Fogg, researcher and innovator at Stanford University, will touch on the success of some familiar names like Facebook and Twitter in his own keynote.

The conference is three days long and will include more than 50 world class speakers (see detailed information here). If you're bursting at the seams with excitement and can't believe November 3rd is still over two months away, you can quench your thirst by heading over to the pre-conference discussions here.