Magnolia Organization has released Magnolia v2.1, a major update to the Magnolia Content Management System (CMS). Magnolia 2.1 provides a host of new features and turns the JSR-170 based content management system into an Enterprise Suite."With this release, Magnolia has finished the transition from a pure Content Management System to the foundation of a complete Enterprise Suite" says Pascal Mangold, CEO of Obinary, the company that financed the majority of Magnolia development. Magnolia for Web Content 2.1. is the first member of the newly created Magnolia Suite. The Suite's foundation is the Magnolia Server, a framework for developing JSR-170 based software that is powerful, easy-to-use, standards-compliant and flexible. Notable new features include: * full I18N support - delivered with 15 major languages * native search * import/export of XML based data * supports several JSR-170 compliant repository implementations, including the Open Source implementations "Jackrabbit" and "Jeiceira" as well as commercial alternatives. * improved performance through 70% reduction in number of nodes compared to Magnolia 2.0 * simple war-file drop-in deployment on any J2EE container * run as many Magnolia sites as you like within a single J2EE container for cost-effective hosting * choice of two leading cross-browser rich-text editors - Kupu and fckEditor * vastly improved module mechanism to provide for flexible and easy extensibility Several new applications are in the works to complete the Magnolia Suite, amongst them Magnolia For Documents and Magnolia For Business Processes, two commercially licensed additions to the otherwise open-source Magnolia suite. Magnolia sports an active international developer community lead by Obinary, Switzerland, and is used throughout the world by corporations of various sizes. Professional support and training are available through Magnolia Organization and a growing network of industry-leading certified Magnolia Partners. Magnolia 2.1 is available immediately and free-of-charge at