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After spending lots and lots of time submersed in web content management, it's always surprising when we hear the name of a company that we don't recognize. Such was the case with DesignApps. But with a little research, there's big news to announce for this web CMS company that works to help deliver software and services to small businesses.The Boston-based company just announced the release of WebProActive 4.0 Beta, a hosted web content management system which boasts a list of Web 2.0 functionality. WebProActive 4.0 offers features such as: * Separate Development Environment * Access to WebProActive™ Web Site Management Tools * Improved usability * The addition of multiple in-context editing capabilities * An integrated publishing verification process * Custom meta data tagging * An improved CRM module It allows users to manage web content, blogs, e-commerce and web leads, among other things. It also boasts a mission to be "the most flexible, easy-to-use and feature rich solution on the market with a small business price tag". Dedicated to the little guy -- the company that doesn't have an "in-house infrastructure or developers" -- DesignApps uses a hybrid model – combining open source components with private core functionality. DesignApps can host and support the core platform while keeping setup and monthly fees low. DesignApps' Founder and President, John McBreen, is hopeful that when beta users “see how easy it is to construct and publish a variety of online elements, such as web pages and blogs, there will be no limit to their online business and e-Marketing outlook". He invites e-Marketers, webmasters and web developers to join 1000 other beta users to help bring the product to its full release. Beta Team members and customers get free use of WebProActive™ and future discounts and prizes while they contribute ideas directly to the product development team. Technical beta users can help build out Open Source components and Integrate third party products. Signing up as a beta user is easy! Or you can sign up for a free trial or demo.