Mediasurface Gets Gold Star from Père Google

1 minute read
Angela Natividad avatar
Considering Google thinks it's God's gift to enterprise content management (per some saucy words by Product Marketing Manager David Bercovich), getting pinned "Best ECM Partner" by the search giant is no small accolade.This is the label Mediasurface received at Google's Partner Connect '07 awards. Hey, a good team player is hard to find.UK-based Mediasurface, which went public in 2004, boasts ambitious growth in the Web CMS sector. Recently they inked an agreement to integrate Google Search Appliance (GSA) into their Morello enterprise CMS. The combination of the familiar GSA, coupled with Morello, results in a more intuitive tool from a business user's perspective, enabling them to search for data across all company websites and servers. Content and document management systems can also be searched in much the same way a surfer would trawl the Internet.Good to know Google's contributions to enterprise search remain sound, even if their analytics don't quite meet the mark.Learn more about Team Google's MVP at the Mediasurface website.