MediaSurface to Lend CMS to eCommerce Solutions

2 minute read
Barb Mosher Zinck avatar
Good news for sites pushing product: Mediasurface, a provider of web content management solutions, is joining forces with hybris, an e-commerce provider, to give clients an e-commerce web solution with the strength of a full-blown CMS backing it. Sweet!UK-based Mediasurface is no fool when it comes to developing partnerships. In April it announced it was integrating Google Search Appliance into its Morello enterprise CMS. (Indeed, it was probably this move that garnered them accolades from Google as best ECM partner.)Mediasurface was also listed in the EContent Top 100 for Content Management.hybris, for its part, is an e-Commerce and product-based information vendor operating out of Munich.Per terms of the deal, Mediasurface will supply Morello, its web content management system(WCM), and hybris will supply its e-commerce and product management solutions, to a rash of happy clients.Morello will store unstructured information (text, diagrams, pictures), while hybris's PIM (product information management) database stores structured product data and associated attributes. All will be magically combined and accessible on Morello, then published on the web or other media source.It's a bit odd that hybris's PIM database doesn't already provide the ability to store unstructured information, like diagrams and pictures, alongside product information. One would expect the pictures go hand in hand with the product name and description. Will the added cost of using Morello to form a more complete e-business solution turn off some potential customers? Weigh in.