IT Hit have announced the latest version of the Microsoft CMS (MCMS) Web Authoring Enhancements (WAE) toolkit. WAE 2.0 is a commercial, third party product which adds features and usability improvements to the Microsoft CMS authoring tools. Three cheers for the MCMS partner community.Features of WAE 2.0 include: New UI Navigation Trees Performance and usability improvements have been made on the tree interfaces for things like insert link, copy and move pages, create page, etc. The new dialogs now load interface data asynchronously, greatly improving the response time and general usability of the tools. Manage Resource Galleries via Internet Explorer With WAE v.2.0 you are able to upload unlimited file structures with a single copy-paste operation, using a familiar Explorer interface. New Insert Image and Insert Attachment Dialogs Leveraging the new Resource Manager interfaces, these two dialogs replace the standard MCMS Web Author pages. You can navigate resources galleries structure, preview images, upload files, create galleries, delete items and edit properties. For SingleImagePlaceholderControl and SingleAttachmentPlaceholderControl, the selected resource is automatically found in the tree structure and highlighted. Telerik r.a.d.Editor MCMS Edition Integration WAE v2.0 supports the Telerik r.a.d.Editor MCMS Edition. Additionally, with WAE you can replace the r.a.d.Editor "Insert Image", "Insert Document" and "Select Internal Link" dialogs. Unified MCMS Workspace Now you can access and manage all MCMS components -- pages, resources and templates from a single interface. The WAE Workspace allows you to quickly approve a group of pages, create connected pages with a single drag-and-drop operation, or insert an image to a placeholder by dragging it from the workspace tree. All dialogs in the workspace now open as browser windows, similar to desktop applications. Drag-and-Drop Enhancements The following operations now support drag 'n drop:
  • Copy and move operations in channels, resources and template trees
  • Create new pages by dragging a template into a channel in a workspace tree
  • Create connected pages by dragging a page into a channel and holding the Alt key
  • Drag resources to placeholders from trees and Insert Image/Attachment dialogs
WAE v2.0 is priced at USD 559.00 for Microsoft CMS Standard Edition and USD 1,899.00 per CPU for Microsoft CMS Enterprise Edition. The product is available effective immediately.