Microsoft CMS' workflow features are hardwired in the off the shelf product. This works alright for organizations with a simple publishing process, but can become a touch troublesome when there are more complex requirements. Skelta, a Bangalore-based BPM software company, has answered to this need with their Workflow.NET product.Workflow.NET is an embeddable .NET workflow engine (surprise!) which has a Microsoft CMS (MCMS) integration option. What's even better news is that the Skelta CMS Workflow Lite flavor is free for the using, limited to 25 workflows. With CMS Workflow Lite you can build customizable workflows for approvals that extend the workflow capabilities of MCMS beyond the standard three-stage approval system. You can automatically publish approved content and you are able define separate workflows for each channel. CMS Workflow Lite supports parallel and sequential approval processes, escalation mechanism and 2-way email and SMS. It also support Active Directory integration for user data information. Key Features:
  • customizable workflows for approvals
  • Automatically publish approved content
  • Define separate workflows for each channel
  • Supports parallel and sequential approval process
  • Extends workflow capabilities beyond the standard three-stage approval system
  • Supports escalation mechanism
  • Supports 2 - way email and SMS
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • 100% Web-based, Graphical Process Designer
  • Execute business rules written in COM
  • Run scripts written in VBScript.NET & JScript.NET
  • Smart Notification and Escalation Capabilities
  • Built-in Query Engine for custom reports
  • Upgradeable to Built-in Load balancing and Clustering Engine
  • BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) using a very interactive Graphical Analysis tool.
  • Human participation through Activity control
Skelta CMS Workfow Lite