With the promise of a central platform to manage mobile web sites and the devices that feed on them, Web-based application service provider mobiManage is launching its Gen 2 system that includes a new engine, upgraded feature design and new (lower) pricing to help companies tackle mobility, the biggest wave to hit the web since the search engine.

The goal for mobiManage was to make it easier for customers to update their apps on-the-fly while still providing advanced mobile management services for mobile websites and tablet products. To get there, it developed a unique mobile identification login (UMIL), allowing users to extend  a secure login for internal and outside resources, giving access to specific sections of the system. This can be done based on department, agency or work group, according to the company. 

Ben Ashley, VP of Business Development for mobiManage said, "With this new system, customers will have complete freedom to extend and maintain their brand and products on all of their mobile assets, while easily integrating with their existing data and website systems."

Integrated Portal System

The company said the heart of the system is its mobiSmart platform, an integrated portal that supports design, development, management and marketing of all things mobile. It's a mobile content management system that supports integration features for real-time data, integrated APIs and modules to link to outside CMS systems to the mobile space.

This includes: 

  • Mobile SEO
  • Analytics
  • MCommerce
  • GEO location
  • Ad network (banner ads etc.),
  • SMS
  • QR codes
  • mobile redirect


The mobiSmart platform supports multiple devices with a suite of features

The company also announced a new pricing structure that targets mobility and now includes integrated iPhone or Android Apps, "for thousands less than the competition," according to Ben Ashley, VP of business development for the company.

Long History in Mobile

The company claims a long history in the mobile space with its first CMS system to target mobile web development built back in 2008. Now the space has taken off with Cisco reporting today that mobile traffic more than doubled (to 133%) in 2011, and is expected to grow another 110% in 2012. Long-term, the company said it expects an 18-fold increase by 2016, reaching 10.8 exabytes per month by mid-decade, and equivalent to streaming 33 billion DVDs annually. 

mobiManage said its Gen 2 upgrade is built on a new platform with services that extend to attractions, dining, auto, hospitality and tourism.