modera invests in next generation platform
In April of last year Modera, a UK based content management vendor, announced a number of new products at Internet World 2008. Products which included a new Web 2.0 ecommerce solution. Now they announce plans to invest some major cash into the research and development of the next generation of their web application platform ModeraNet -- which would, as a result, improve their web content management system Modera.

Modera has announced that it will invest £1.3 million (or roughly US$ 1.8 million) into some major research and development over the next two years.

What's the Money Going Towards?

The plan is to develop ModeraNet2, the next generation of their web application framework. ModeraNet2 is the framework that supports the Modera Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management Solution.

This news comes shortly before the release of Modera's new version of MMDK2 -- their application programming interface.

The MMDK2 API enables module development and licensing. This latest version includes a new module standard, base module class, virtual tables building modules and a new workflow engine.

Didn't Modera Just Announce New Products and Solutions?

In fact they did. At Internet World 2008 in April. What was new then? A few things included:

  • New developer tools to quickly create modules
  • A new URL system that provides configurable URL routes
  • A Web 2.0 eCommerce solution

So doesn't it seem strange that they are now announcing research and development into a new version of the framework and associated web content management system? Modera thinks not.

According to Siim Vips, Modera CEO, “We are in a marketplace that moves incredibly quickly, and despite the new release our product line, platform and new API of MMDK2 catering for all of the technology currently available, we need to ensure that our suite of products is ahead of the curve and is anticipating and setting standards.”

The research and development on ModeraNet2 has already begun and Modera expects to release it to their partners and clients sometime in 20011. Learn more about Modera and its various Content Management Solutions on their website.