Modera (news, site) has been talking about plans for their next generation web framework for a while now. But if you want a peek at what changes are coming that will affect their web content management and customer relationship management products, then read on.

A New Generation of ModeraNet

Modera announced their plans to invest some major cash into the research and development of the next generation of their web application platform ModeraNet back in late February. Now the European company has announced what will be the result of that £1.3 million investment. Don't go holding your breath though, as a release is not expected until late 2011.

The Modera research team has started out by taking the best-of-breed practices found in existing commercial environments along with approaches taken by large software companies and is applying them to its own solutions. The plan is to deliver an efficient, fast and universally scalable technology for SMBs to larger enterprises without the costs often associated with leading-edge performance.

Under Wraps in the Lab

The second generation platform will employ several innovative practices and approaches not used before in the web content management and CRM industry. These include cloud support (okay, some are not so new), independent horizontal scaling and universal plug-in integration.

Currently a prototype, ModeraNET2 will provide its users with a system that adapts easily to future technologies. Using a new level of infrastructure and security layers, the ModeraNET2 platform will seamlessly integrate with third-party protocols and APIs.

This will allow it to work effectively with whatever becomes the standard of real-time browser-based collaboration systems in the future, from Google Wave to the next MS Office.

Features that will come as standard in the ModeraNET2 platform include:

  • Using web applications offline
  • Dynamic interfaces
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Layered architecture

Now what that all means is anybody's guess at this point, as Modera is not providing details.

Modera's product range include the self-explanatory Webmaster, Intranet, Extranet products, plus Relations, a collaboration and content management tool.

Now that a prototype has been built, the Modera team is working on the actual build. Expect to see ModeraNet available globally sometime near the end of 2011.