The Next Generation Web CMS, Has Modera Got Answers?
In April Modera (news, site) released a new version of its web content management system. To go along with that new version the company also provided an update on the next generation of its software development platform Let's take a look at what we can expect.

Modera Webmaster Professional

The fifth version of Modera Webmaster Professional was unveiled at Internet World 2010 and included a number of new features that will make online marketers happy:

  • A new interface
  • New e-commerce modules
  • A new dashboard
  • The ability to integrate analytics
  • An updated workflow system

The Next Generation of Web CMS

Although many were probably happy to see the latest version of the Modera Webmaster Professional, the update on the company's next generation web development platform was likely even more interesting. We've seen more than just a few of the details.

The platform is a layered architecture made up of Core and Middleware. Core components can be used in a standalone environment. Middleware is an agile approach to developing enterprise apps where the components are all preconfigured.

It is a thin platform with support for CMIS by default and the cloud. A single platform can support any number of websites or applications, it offers the ability to share content between them.


Modera's Next Generation Software Development Platform Architecture

On the front end, there is a new administration dashboard built using AJAX, and it includes a number of out of the box templates for quick setup of a website (there is clear separation between content and presentation interfaces).

Modera will also provide a UI toolkit and UI guidelines that enable third party developers to create their add-ons with a similar interface, supporting a seamless experience for the content and system administrators.

According to Siim Vips, CEO Modera: general it will revolutionise the speed of development, ensure that only best practices can be used during development and takes full advantage of all the future standards. [...] From a usability point of view, the interfaces are very different that clients are used to, because of the removal of restrictions and elimination of any unnecessary functions. The platform embeds all current practices and takes into account what the future best practices will be on all levels. This allows 100 percent reuse of content across an organisation taking advantage of innovative workflow systems.".

For awhile now Modera has been talking about how this next generation platform supports the tight integration of business systems and is easy to develop on. It is the underlying platform for all of its current products -- which includes the Webmaster Professional Web CMS. 

There are a number of interesting technical aspects for developers and architects to dive into. But for those who just want to understand what this new platform can do for them, Modera's response is speed development, cut costs, be secure and scalable. Definitely food for thought. But it would be nice to see it in action first.