Mollom Spam Control Add-On for IIS Environments

Dries Buytaert is somewhat of a CMS superhero. Between founding the mega popular open source platform Drupal, co-founding the commercialized Drupal cure-all Acquia, and probably saving babies from burning buildings, Buytaert also found the time to launch a spam-killing service called Mollom.

Recently the service got some attention from a company called Zion Security. After tinkering in Mollom’s open API, Zion announced a Microsoft IIS module utilizing the spam killer. The release has opportunity for other CMS and web application platforms written all over it.


Mollom’s shtick is taking the weight off when it comes to spam. The Web service analyzes the quality of content posted to websites (comments, contact-form messages, blogs, forum posts, etc.) and tries to determine whether the content is unwanted - "spam" - or desirable - "ham” in various ways, including through the use of both image and audio CAPTCHA tests.

The little spam blocker boasts a 99.94% accuracy rate, and since its first public beta release in June of 2008 has caught the attention of some prêt-ty big names including, Sony BMG, Adobe, Fox News and Warner Bros Records.

Mollom on IIS

Mollom is separate from Acquia and always has been because Buytaert and his team reportedly started the project with the intention of marketing it to content management systems outside of Drupal. Today it seems like Buytaert can take a break though (finally?) because Zion Security appears to’ve done some of the dirty work.

Zion’s new creation is an HTTP module coded for Microsoft IIS, (like an Apache module), and allows Mollom to potentially expand to other ASP/IIS based systems.

Writes Buytaert on Mollom’s blog page: “Because it is written as a module at the webserver layer, it may be possible to use Mollom's spam-detection and CAPTCHA challenge ability with existing web applications running on IIS (think SharePoint or DotNetNuke). It's an interesting approach and one we haven't really considered ourselves. It will be interesting to see how this develops, and if it sticks.”

Mollom and You

The IIS module checks any submitted form for spam using Mollom's spam detection analysis, and just like other Mollom plugins, requires you to pick up a set of registration keys from Mollom's website before it can be actively used to protect your ASP-based forms.

You can get the Mollom IIS module via a zipped file for download here, or it's listed on Mollom’s downloads page here.