Moshen Media, a Toronto-based multimedia organization, continues to raise the bar for content management web solutions, with WriteNow CMS. Moshen has developed a daringly low priced Web CMS, creating a critical level of incentive for mid-market companies to take the plunge into next generation website management. The company’s aggressive strategy is enticing some of Canada’s most prominent organizations to take a second look. WriteNow is an incredibly simple yet powerful tool for managing website content, managing HR, fostering collaboration and automating business processes in a way that, until now, had only been possible for large enterprise. Content management is a now a business-critical application for all companies, regardless of size or location. "Companies now demand content management solutions that are easy to operate and that integrate with existing infrastructures," says Terry Moshenberg lead strategist at MOSHEN MEDIA. “We heard this message from clients loud and clear, and today our team is delivering world-class solutions." WriteNow is a powerful tool. It scales down for independent users such as Television Producer/Song Writer Erica Ehm and Toronto Star Financial Writer Ellen Roseman, and it scales up for large organizations such as the Canadian Aviation/Maintenance Council. In CAMC’s case there are approximately 80,000 workers and hundreds of companies who use the system to post and manage available jobs openings and multiple resumes. Users manage text, images, video and audio, connect to partners and collaborate, serve customers and manage jobs and resumes for Human Resources. All executed in-house, no more web-masters. The system is as simple to use as MS Word. For the past 5 years, WriteNow has quietly developed a strong track record managing large, mission-critical Web sites, ensuring customers can author and post important content, and reduce the overall cost of deployment. Companies need a content management solution that leverages their existing skill sets and reduces burden on limited IT staff. Businesses need content management solutions that are designed for marketing people, not IT people and to provide approval and workflow functionality. WriteNow provides this. “Many businesses need design or marketing strategy development that extends beyond standard Web content management,” said Mr Moshenberg. “Other solutions require large-scale implementations and significant investments that make them too risky and expensive for many businesses. MOSHEN MEDIA provides this under-served market with affordable and flexible tools and services that immediately contribute to the bottom line.” About MOSHEN MEDIA MOSHEN MEDIA is an innovative multi-service organization specialized in strategic marketing, graphic design and web site development. The Company’s flagship product is WriteNow, a Content Management Solution that lets’ users manage their websites like using MS Word. MOSHEN MEDIA provides strategic, web-based solutions to successful companies in the Entertainment, Technology, Consumer Health, Human Resources, and Not-For-Profit industries. The Company creates, develops, and delivers website and print based solutions that enable companies to achieve higher profitability and more efficient workflows.