Movable Type Kicks Out Last Beta for Version 5
Our friends at Six Apart are right on time with the new Movable Type (news, site) release. The fourth and last beta before the first of two scheduled version 5 candidates was kicked out earlier this week, and follows what MT developer Beau Smith called a "very fresh and new" beta 3

Here are the major changes in the newest version:

  • “Professional Website Theme” is added as a new theme
  • WebsiteLabel has changed to WebsiteName 
  • Remove the definition of active users from app 
  • Keep a compatibility of plugins 
  • Create “MultiBlog Trigger” for “All blogs in this website” 
  • MultiBlog Trigger also for “Pages” not only for “Entries”
  • UI: “Created, Published, Edited” date and time of the entry
  • DOC: FastCGI: Unable to access with XML-RPC 

Also noteworthy: Smith reports that because both default and global template sets have been updated, all must be refreshed to get updates.

The official Movable Type 5 launch is still slated for late November, so help the team filter out all the pesky worms before then by reporting any bugs you find here