We've been hearing bits and pieces about Crowd Fusion (news, site) for awhile now. But despite the venture funding they have received to date, we haven't seen something tangible -- at least not something we can play with.

But Crowd Fusion has come out of secrecy and revealed its plans to change the world of web publishing forever. The company attended TechCrunch50 and demonstrated their new framework and suite of publishing tools, almost ready for a public beta.

Who Are These Guys Again?

Founded in 2007 by Weblogs creator Brian Alvey, Crowd Fusion picked up US$ 3 million in Series A funding to build their web publishing platform. This platform, the company says will “revolutionize online publishing with a unique combination of technology and strategy.”

In September of 2008 they launched their first showcase website, Obsessable, and then in December the second, Super Eco.

Now, in September 2009, they offer everyone the opportunity to see just what this new platform is all about.

A Vertical Approach

Crowd Fusion takes a vertical approach to web publishing. The platform brings together functionality for blogs, wikis, social features like news feeds and tagging, into a single content management system. So web publishers don't have to integrate together different applications to get the functionality they need for their website.

Crowd Fusion Capabilities

These different capabilities don't just exist within the same Web CMS, they are actually integrated together. For example, when you are working on a blog post, you can quickly see RSS feed items that are related to the post you are working on.

Tagging is also different from what you would expect. In Crowd Fusion, every tag is linked to an actual landing page in your system. And if you want to create a tag for a page that doesn't exist, you can. Someone will get notification that a new page needs to be created.

There are three basic building blocks for Crowd Fusion: News, Pages and RSS Feeds.


Crowd Fusion Content Building Blocks

The basic building blocks are very similar to those found in most systems. What is unique is how they are tightly integrated and the extra tools that have been built by the Crowd Fusion team.  Tools like an Ajax smart-tagging widget and an Activity feedback loop.

 Here's Brian Alvey's demo at TechCrunch50: 

The Only CMS You'll Ever Use

Crowd Fusion calls itself "the only content management system you'll ever use". To help you make that decision, they have made the core framework (codenamed Sprung) and CMS an open source project. Crowd Fusion has been built with a plug-in architecture that will enable developers to create modules for the Web CMS.

Crowd Fusion is taking beta registrations over the next two months in preparation for their beta release.

Is Crowd Fusion the Future?

The TechCrunch50 demonstration left mixed reviews from the panel. But it's hard to judge a system from a 5 or 6 minute fly by demo. At least that's how we felt. So we've reached out to the Crowd Fusion team and they have offered to fill in the missing pieces.

We will be bringing you an update on this new Web CMS very soon. Until then, let us know what you think of the TechCrunch demo.