Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development
Packt Publishing hit a home run with the last Microsoft CMS (MCMS) book, Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server. The same team of star authors is now working on the next one, entitled Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development.The advanced development book is due out in the August 2005 time frame and promises to educate the community further on the core .NET publishing API and on the many possible ways to integrate MCMS with other Microsoft Office technologies.As followers of MCMS no doubt know, MCMS was merged with the MS Office and Sharepoint team a while back and there's been a in the works for some time.With the next version of Office a ways out, we likely have a bit of a chasm to endure. In the interim we will have .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, not to mention SQL Server 2005. These releases certainly implicate a significant service pack for MCMS 2002.This latest Packt book addresses two needs in the Microsoft CMS community. Firstly, it continues to develop the core skills of MCMS developers. Secondly, it helps bridge the chasm and begins to pull the community further towards integration with other MS Office technologies, most significantly Sharepoint.It also should provide a preview of some of of the new features and possiblities arriving in the next service pack, and if we're lucky some hints at significant changes coming with's also a dash of InfoPath integration in the mix, but sadly so far there's not much mention of MCMS' Web Services capabilities.More about: Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development