Nstein Acquires Picdar - UK Digital Asset Management Company

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Provider of online publishing solutions, Nstein Technologies Inc. has announced the acquisition of UK-based Picdar, a picture and digital asset management provider.Nstein, who is headquartered in Montreal, Canada is broadening it's presence in the UK and Europe with this new acquisition selling itself as a leader in online publishing solutions.Picdar has over 20 years experience in the UK providing Digital Workflow and Asset Management Solutions (DAM) to newspapers, magazines and corporate publishers, some of whom include: The Financial Times, Associated Newspapers and The Telegraph.For it's own part, Nstein develops multilingual online publishing for many newspapers, magazines and content-driven organizations. Some of their clients include La Provence, the BBC, canoe.ca, TimeInc and Wiley Publishing. Nstein already has several offices in France.It's a two part payment acquisition. Nstein will pay between $6,595,000 and $9,245,000 (£3,375,000 to £4,730,625) with part of it contingent on meeting future revenues and EBITDA targets.What does this acquisition give Nstein? "Luc Filiatreault, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nstein Technologies, declared: “With the acquisition of Picdar, Nstein increases its market share in Europe and consolidates its position as the world-leading provider of online publishing solutions for the media industry. Our customers now benefit from a strong local presence in the UK and a team of talented publishing technology experts".Putting these two companies together provides clients with a set of complimentary solutions. Judging by the combined customer list, Nstein shouldn't have any trouble landing new high profile publishing clients.To find out more about Nstein and it's service offering visit their website. And don't forget about their new partner program- you may want to get in on some of these client lists.