Nstein Technologies Inc, an online publishing solutions vendor for newspapers, magazines and online content providers, has announced the creation of a formal partner program specifically designed for the system integrators and developers community. The program will first be presented on the company's web site and formally introduced to clients at Nstein's 2008 User Conference in May.Nstein Technologies is a developer and marketer of multilingual solutions that power online publishing for a number of well known newspapers, magazines, and content-driven organizations. Nstein's technology is of particular interest to the development community because of its usefulness to publishers who need to integrate legacy content sources without losing the ability to take advantage of the XML enrichment and publishing technology central to Nstein's application suite. In order to launch the new program, Nstein has 'Nlisted' the talent of Douglas Liles, formerly in charge of Strategic Business Development and Partner Relations at Quark. “Nstein’s technology suite is built on industry SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) standards and provides rich API’s to enable partners to adapt the platform for specific customer needs or even create turnkey content workflows for specific use cases,” said Douglas, who has years of experience in deploying channel partner programs to enterprise-class partners. “There’s ample opportunity for partners to augment our solutions’ core taxonomies, define XML processing handlers and create rich interfaces to meet the requirements of a content-driven enterprise.” On top of providing sales, technical and training support, Nstein also supplies its partners with comprehensive document and APIs needed for successful deployments. The aim of the Partner Program is to ensure that partners will benefit financially from their partnership while offering their clients solid content management solutions for media, entertainment and online publishing. Visit the Nstein Technology website for more information on their Partner Program.