OmniUpdate's Web CMS OU Campus 9.11 Adds Forms, Polls, Surveys

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OmniUpdate's Web CMS OU Campus 9.11 Adds Forms, Polls, Surveys
CMS vendor OmniUpdate brings its education-sector focused product up with a focus on user interaction through a Live Delivery Platform.

Measuring the Student Body

The latest release of OU Campus includes the addition of a server-side module called  the Live Delivery Platform (LDP) that brings increased user interaction to the fore. The platform will allow site creators and users to gauge visitor/student interaction via easy-to-create and manage forms, opinion polls and user surveys.

With drag-and-drop design, creators can add tick boxes, multiple-choice menus, lists and other elements to their questions, making it as easy as possible for the largest number of people to respond in the shortest possible time without turning them away from the question.

With two updates in each of May and June, it looks like OmniUpdate took July off but is now firmly back on the update trail, adding useful features and services. Other recent additions have included a dependency manager, image galleries and comments.

Learning Opportunities

Interactive Classes

The addition of forms and surveys should better allow educational institutions to find out what students and faculty need from their school, rate the most popular activities and other events or simply to find out what new features or services their websites should offer. With quick polls (and carefully worded questions and answers), lecturers can discover how their classes go down with students and so on.

With colleges around the world being inspected by prospective students and their families for the new term, making a good impression has never been more important.  High levels of interactivity will be taken as a positive sign by students now used to high levels of interaction through social and other sites.