Open Source XOOPS CMS 2.4.0 RC Brings Usability Fixes

Every now and then, there are bright days in open source. XOOPS (news, site), certainly, cannot complain with over 25,000 downloads of its 2.3.3 version of CMS in just 5 months. The XOOPS Project decided to build on the momentum and promoted XOOPS 2.4.0 Beta 1 to the release candidate level.

Mainly, we are looking at usability and productivity improvements in this RC. Keep in mind, RCs are not designed for anything but loving and tender testing.

XOOPS CMS 2.4.0 RC Most Notable Changes

The newest version of XOOPS CMS brings the following features to the table:

  •  New user-friendly admin interface using a theme factory and modules using $xoTheme and $xoopsTpl
  • Modularized and extendable core using preloads that can now respond to system events
  • Central support for jQuery
  • Improved installer
  • Support for WCAG 2.0
  • Themeable admin area
  • New WYSIWYG editors: wymeditor, Xinha and Spaw2

XOOPS prides itself in the highlight of this RC -- the new admin GUI and the preloads extension mechanism -- which were achieved thanks to massive collaboration efforts of XOOPS developers from many different countries, including China, France, UK, US, Germany, Peru, Libya, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Modularization is another benefit according to the vendor. The main XOOPS modules can be installed/uninstalled and activated/deactivated “with a mouse click,” with hundreds of themes and modules available for free download.

Some of the other highlights of XOOPS include database-driven personalization of individual users, some multi-language capability, security features, web-based admin with an improved user interface.

Test It Out, Give Back a Little

Available for download now, XOOPS works on any version of PHP from 4.3 and up, with PHP 4.2.x not being supported and PHP 5.0+ recommended. For the choice of web servers, in the true spirit of open source, XOOPS recommends using Apache.

Check out 2.4.0 RC documentation before any install attempts. Upgrade instructions are available here.

As always, open source means giving back and helping out. XOOPS is looking for help with testing  and translations for both ISO and UTF-8.  The future of the final GA release is in your hands.