Open Text Web Solutions for Multi-Sites Globalization Enhancement

Open Text released several enhancements to its Open Text Web Solutions for Multi-Sites product -- which belongs to a family of Web Content Management products and is, essentially, part of the rebranded RedDot WCM.

The focus of this release is something many customers find appealing in a Web Content Management System -- globalization capabilities and management of multiple sites in multiple locales and languages.

Making Localization Easier

For organizations with a global presence, Web Solutions for Multi-Sites adds new content distribution services. This enhancement should aid web localization teams in sharing and updating content via a centralized content pool.

Team members are automatically notified when content changes or updates become available. Once localized content is added to this pool all countries using the same language can utilize this content for their local websites.

A new Content Translation Management module offers:

  • Translation workflow integration
  • Expanded support for computer-aided translation tools
  • Export to standardized XLIFF formats

XLIFF, which stands for XML Localization Interchange File Format, streamlines the exchange of localization data among companies, vendors and across software tools.

Open Text Web Solutions for Multi-Sites

As we’ve mentioned before, Web Solutions for Multi-Sites module has such capabilities as corporate compliance and translation workflow, this module offers a multilingual interface, integrations with third-party applications like SDL Trados, split-screen translation interfaces and the ability to share content from parent to child sites.

Pure content-editing capabilities like red-lining and previewing to compare two language versions are also part of the product.

Challenges of Managing Global Content

For many organizations, global content is a must. Finding effective tools for managing global content can be hard. The challenge of managing global websites in many languages across many markets lies not only in the fact that poor translation quality can ruin your entire business, but also around managing multiple translation processes and workflows.

Companies work to establish (or maintain the consistency of) their brands across many diverse markets in an increasingly competitive global arena. Customer communication in a local language has never been more important to an international company’s success.

Long gone the times when customers were patient and not as Internet-savvy as they are now. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly harder for organizations to satisfy customers and keep their attention on the content that is not as sophisticated as customers want it to be. Naturally, digesting content in one’s native language is always preferable.

Engaging global content is one of the ingredients in a recipe for success. Finding the right tool to manage that content -- is another. Check out Web Solutions for Multi-Sites and see if it’s right for you.