OpenCms 8.0.2 Released; Improves Drag-and-Drop, Sitemap Functionality

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OpenCms 8.0.2 Released; Improves Drag-and-Drop, Sitemap Functionality
Alkacon Software has recently announced an incremental update to its OpenCms 8 line, with version 8.0.2. This update brings several improvements to the OpenCms user interface, particularly with drag-and-drop content editing, sitemap organization and a few performance optimizations, as well as bug fixes.

OpenCms 8 launched earlier this year, improving enterprise support with the OpenCms Enterprise Extensions. That particular update improved the web CMS' compatibility with enterprise data management applications and hardware. This time around, the 8.0.2 release improves the software's front end, by introducing better drag-and-drop support and sitemap organization features, among others.

OpenCms 8.0.2 improves drag-and-drop functionality, sitemap editing and performance

OpenCms 8.0.2 improves drag-and-drop functionality, sitemap editing and performance

Improved User Interface, Usability

OpenCms 8.0.2 introduces several features that will help make the application easier to use.

Learning Opportunities

  • Drag-and-Drop Content -- OpenCms now allows for drag-and-drop manipulation of any existing JSP content. Elements are also draggable by everyone, but editing can be limited to certain permissions only. Content can also be created via drag-and-drop directly through the software's Advanced Direct Edit mode.
  • Improved Sitemap Configuration -- OpenCms 8.0.2 makes it easier to create and reorganize sitemaps, wth drag-and-drop functionality. This particular release now displays status information on the currently-edited sitemap. This also improves the way publishers manage their site's navigation.
  • Breaking Up Groups -- The new version supports breaking-up of groups within containers, which places elements individually on the current page.
  • New ADE resource type "Dynamic Function" -- This enables drag-and-drop functionality with any JSP code.
  • "Go to parent sitemap" -- This option is now available in the sitemap editing toolbar.
  • Better server-side filtering -- These safeguards provide better security against cross-site-scripting (XSS) attacks.
  • Refined naming schema for automatically-created resources.

Performance Tweaks, Fixes

OpenCms 8.0.2 also brings performance updates and bug fixes designed to streamline operation and use of the software. This includes an optimized gallery performance, UI refinements and fixes in editor issues in the previous release.

The update is backwards-compatible, and publishers using as early as version 7.x of the software are encouraged to update. Alkacon says 8.0.2 should work out-of-the-box with templates and other OpenCms-developed code from versions 7.0 and 7.5.