Web CMS OpenCms 8 Enterprise Ready with OCEE 3.0 Extensions

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Alkacon Releases OCEE 3.0 for OpenCms 8
Alkacon (news, site) has recently announced version 3.0 release of OpenCms Enterprise Extensions, which is essentially a compatibility update for better integration with OpenCms 8.

OCEE 3.0 is a commercial extension for the open source web content management system, OpenCms, that offers support for LDAP, clustering, replication and performance improvements. Version 3.0 comes with the following features and fixes:

  • OCEE Accelerator improved with memory usage information for caching statistics
  • OCEE LDAP Connector updated with group name translation when using Microsoft Active Directory and support for nested groups
  • Issues in backward replication in OCEE Replicator and special characters in OCEE LDAP Connector fixed

OCEE Statistics Page

OCEE Accelerator Statistics

Ideal for Running On an Enterprise Setting

OCEE adds commercial-grade features to the open-source Web CMS that make it ideal for running in a medium to large enterprise setting, particularly in cases where data security and performance are essential. OCEE features multi-staging scenarios and central server configuration for improved performance and easier maintenance.

Learning Opportunities

  • Multi-staging scenarios with OCEE Replicator enables administrators to configure multiple stages, which might include a development server and delivery server, so that data can first be processed for different approval stages prior to delivery.
  • Centralized server configuration with OCEE Cluster allows administrators to manage scheduled jobs, module parameters and index configuration on multiple machines all from a single GUI.
  • Support for multiple OpenCms organizational units lets administrators connect each unit with an individual path on the LDAP server.
  • An improved cache policy flushes content selectively after publishing, leading to better performance.


OCEE Cluster Overview

OCEE Cluster Overview

OCEE LDAP Connector User Management

OCEE LDAP Connector User Management


OCEE offers a browser-based interface for managing OpenCms installations, and is available from Alkacon as a licensed software product. Version 3.0 ensures full compatibility with the recently-released OpenCms 8. Version 2.1.4 and is compatible with OpenCms 7.x, although Alkacon offers upgrade licenses and upgrade assistance to existing users.