Percussion Drops Rhythmyx Brand, Releases CM System 6.6

What is it with the rebranding trend in the content management space lately? Just having recently lost RedDot in a rebranding maneuver, today we say goodbye to Percussion's Rhythmyx.

And welcome their new Web Content Management system succinctly named CM System.

What’s in a Name?

We had a quick chat with Percussion’s SVP of Marketing and Business Development -- Bill Beardslee -- to find out the reasons behind dropping Rhythmyx as the product name.

Turns out the decision to rename the WCM platform was made in Q4 2008. Beardslee says: “We are a small company, and as such have limited messaging capital to spend on two brands - Percussion and Rhythmyx. If we continued on the path we were on, it would require the market to remember us by two names - corporate and product. An expensive and potentially ineffective venture for us.”

“Now our platform name is easier to remember, and a lot easier to spell,” he adds.

The CMS spelling bee competition is officially over. Unless, of course, you count Communiqué (which is shifting more towards CQ lately) and Ingeniux.

We’d have to agree with Beardslee on the spelling bit, but “easier to remember”? The biggest pet peeve I have is “CMS System” and see “CM System” brand name as an easy target for name mishandling.

What’s New in CM System 6.6?

The Percussion CM System is comprised of two main components, the CM Server and a set of optional (= extra cost) Online Interaction components.

In the latest point release, 6.6, the goal is to go beyond the “author and publish” paradigm and help users harvest and publish the “most powerful content” in a more efficient and quicker way.

New and Enhanced Features in Detail

Change on Demand for the Marketer

The combination of features allows marketers to have a faster approach when updating a site or testing campaigns

It includes:

  • Contextual Linkback button to quickly take users to the desired page, where edits can be made.
  • Enhanced in-context editor allows to remove page elements in bulk, change page templates, move page elements and compare two versions of the same page.
  • Publish Now feature allows users to bypass workflow and staging environment and publish directly to the live site.

Publish for Market Speed

This enhanced publishing feature is now faster by 37%.

Lucene-Based Search

CM System 6.6 now includes a new search function using the Lucene open source search engine.

Percussion CMS is Back?

It’s been a while since the content management world heard from Percussion Software in regards to their Web CMS (aside from the Solutions Services sitting on top of Rhythmyx), and we were certainly not the only ones curious.

The last time Percussion’s WCM platform got some love was back in the summer of 2006 with 6.0 [updated 06-Mar-09: Then a little more love in April 2007 when 6.5 came out]. The latest point release comes almost three two years later. What’s next for Percussion?