Pixaria Web CMS for Photographers
London-based Pixaria has announced a major upgrade of its web content management tool for photographers. Pixaria Gallery 2.0 offers users "everything they need to publish and sell digital images on their website" for US$ 195. New features included in the release are an updated search engine, improved UI, and a community function which enables the administrator to designate user privileges, controlling access for viewing and uploading photos to the site.Pixaria Gallery offers all the basic deployment and design features you would expect of a mid-range Web CMS product, including complete installation and management functionality for photographers to get their site up and running, and indeed working as a revenue generating asset.

For the Love Lack of Tech

For any photographer non-techies out there reading this, that means that the package will actually do the hard work of building your website, so you won't have to learn how to use some evil HTML editor, nor pay some spotty geek to do it for you. You will then be able to configure layouts and things like that from menus in your 'Internet Explorer' [chortle, chortle] browser. Think you can handle that, you creative hippies you? Still talking to those non-techies -- the company also offers free installation on a customer's given hosting package, provided that the customer's hosting provider meets the basic requirements of the software -- namely a MySQL database and PHP. And if said hosting provider can't meet these needs, then perhaps they should re-examine their path in life. So what you want to do is find a hosting provider, and tell them what you need (a MySQL database and PHP). Then Pixaria will install it onto their server for you, and you will be ready to go. This free installation thing is a fantastic idea, and will help out a lot of photographers who might otherwise be put off by the techno-babble which inevitably invests the installation effort of any web-based software. And for a US$ 195 software package too. Two thumbs up, Pixaria.

Image Handling

Images are imported to a Library, and can then be organized into public or private galleries, tagged and searched -- they can even be searched by image color, another nice touch. The permissions controls incorporated into 2.0 now come into play, visitors can see only so much, registered users can be given more browsing privileges and so forth. And these privileges can be applied both to users and to the images themselves.

Native E-Commerce

The in-built store system connects directly to PayPal for instant download of purchased images, and offers the necessary features like a shopping cart, and configurable options with regard to how customers will be charged (you can set up a system whereby customers will only be billed at the end of the month instead of on a per image basis, for instance). And if you feel like tinkering with Gallery 2.0's code, then by all means do so. The source code is open, and you can build your Gallery product any which way you please. “I think it’s vital that if you’re buying software for your website, you should be able to use it as you see fit” says Jamie Longstaff, creator of Pixaria Gallery. “We’re seeing this in digital music now, and it should be the same with software too. If you buy Pixaria Gallery, you can change anything you like about the way it works. Users really appreciate that and tell me so every day!”.

The Road to 2.0

Gallery 1 users can upgrade for the not-obscene price of US$ 30, while anyone who purchased Gallery 1.x from June of this year can upgrade for free. Free installation, cheap as chips, eCommerce optimized... can't say fairer than that. We'd love to hear your comments on this product, so don't hesitate to contribute below. If you want to learn more about Pixaria Gallery 2.0, go here. If you want to grab it straightaway, go here.